Our team


  • Zhamaletdinov Danil - Manager

    Zhamaletdinov Danil - Manager

    Danil is an administrative manager.


    In 2009 he graduated from the Moscow Publishing and Polygraphic College named after Ivan Fedorov.


    From 2011 to 2013 he studied English ISS of BC College, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


    Over the past 4 years, Danil traveled extensively throughout the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, adopting the customs and culture of different peoples.


    I enjoy, movies, sports and books.


  • Daria Karpova - Russian

    Daria Karpova - Russian

    Daria works for several years as a speech therapist and teacher. She admits that this experience completely changed her view of the profession, because, she said, «P'titCREF - is not just a language school, but the whole world, which allows kids to grow up with exposed the diversity of cultures, languages and traditions."

    Working with children enables Darya to see the world through the eyes of children for whom it is full of discoveries. Daria believes in kindness, care and that every child has a unique personality. The main task for the teacher - to help kids get in touch with her and discover the huge potential of them.

    At one time Daria worked at the school, so she perfectly represents what skills children need after the end of kindergarten. In her work, she pays special attention to the harmonious development, so the classes in the group dance often interrupted by pauses, short sports workout - it helps children to relax, get rid of stress.

    Darya leads all age groups from Toddlers to Prep, as well as yoga and dance circles.

  • Olga Khodakova - Russian

    Olga Khodakova - Russian

    Olga is the teacher of the Toddlers group; Graduated from MGU State University named after Sholokhov with a specialization in "Teacher-defectologist", as well as MGPPU - "Practical Psychology". Olga has over 20 years of experience and is one of the authors of the P'titCREF manuals.


    Olga pays much attention to the personality of the child and in her studies always takes into account the priorities, talent and character of each child! Olga is a versatile and enthusiastic person, she has experience in organizing thematic groups: geography, theater, graphic activities.


    Olga always has a pleasant, calm, kind atmosphere in the group, and the classes are always fascinating, interesting and exciting, that no child can stay away!


    On the choice of profession Olga says: "In working with children, I like the opportunity every day to come into contact with the beautiful world of childhood; The feeling of unpredictability and uniqueness of every day brings me great joy. For me every child is a unique, beautiful flower and I get a huge pleasure from joint games, communication and creativity ".

  • Sergey Nasyrov - Russian

    Sergey Nasyrov - Russian

    Sergey has graduated from the Lipetsk Pedagogical Institute, specializing in "Preschool education." During his studies at the Institute he worked in the central city library of. S. Yesenin and was the organizer and host city and regional literary events.

    Sergey agrees that "Every adult person is a little child in the shower ...", so he considers it most important to help keep their children kind, sincere and open to everything new! And it is these qualities that help Sergei to find an approach to every child, which is important for the opportunity to train them!

    Sergey's lessons always take place in a cheerful, relaxed atmosphere with lots of songs, poems and five-minute sports, which prevents children from getting bored or tired of "lessons." Sergei always finds a common language with children, he is always important to the healthy, vigorous and emotionally positive state of children!


    Sergey works with groups of Toddlers, Junior, Middle.

  • Beskornova Ekaterina - Art

    Beskornova Ekaterina - Art

    Ekaterina is a decorative artist and is engaged in artistic painting and decorating various objects of the interior. But at the same time, Catherine does not see herself without work with children and for children. So she participates as an artist in many kindergartens and studios; Participates in children's city festivals.


    As an artist, Ekaterina is a thin man, and at the same time a harmonious nature, calm and confident in his business. She considers it very important to teach children to see and understand art - through the light, through lines, spots, shapes; It helps children become the first spectator of the creations of young artists.


    Ekaterina herself says: "Creative space P'titCREF is a unique platform for creative meetings, inspiration, creation, teamwork experience and a burst of creative energy and live communication."


    In our garden, Catherine conducts creative classes in the group of the Multi Senior in the afternoon.

  • Rayne Thomas-Kuehn - English

    Rayne Thomas-Kuehn - English

    Rayne Thomas-Kuehn is from the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. She graduated from the American University in 2015. This is her second visit to Russia, previously Rayne was in St. Petersburg in 2014

    After graduating from university, she worked in Washington, DC. Rain discovered interest in teaching English abroad, when she worked on a voluntary basis at the American Jewish Association in St. Petersburg, Russia. I taught English for children aged 9-10 years in the summer camp.

    As an additional aspect of her volunteer work, Raine worked in a Jewish kindergarten for children with disabilities, where she realized how useful it is to work with young children and teach them a foreign language.

    "Although this is only my first year at P'titCREF, I have acquired an invaluable set of skills that I believe could not have been purchased anywhere else." Your children have taught me to appreciate patience, diligence, and understanding, so we must be grateful to them "


    R. Thomas-Kuehn


  • Eric Samain

    Eric Samain

    After many years of working in the Education Department of Perpignan City Hall in French Catalonia, I decided to return to my initial studies of FLE (French as a Foreign Language) in order to teach abroad. It was in this way that P'titCREF recruited me in 2006, initially as a teacher in the Prep, Junior and Toddler Levels, as well as a theatre teacher for ‘Les p'tits plus' extracurricular activities. My extensive experience in the academic and extracurricular world allowed me to quickly become involved in the P'titCREF pedagogical project. Virginie Durand, the Headmistress, then offered me the opportunity to lead a larger project charged with creating the school's own methodology and activity books. Since this time, I have been responsible for coordinating all of the teaching process across the entire P'titCREF network, from the creation of teaching materials to the training of teachers in our methods. The quality of our teaching is based on a unique, precise and diverse methodology, as well as on the small number of children allowed in each group, thus allowing for more individual attention. I personally believe that P'titCREF is an exciting project where both children and adults have the opportunity to flourish in a multicultural environment.



    Hi !
    My name's William Courmaceul, I am 34 years old, I am French and I come from Normandy.
    I am the coordinator of EFL and FLE groups at P'tit Cref.
    I hold a master's degree in linguistics and communication as well as a master of French as a foreign language.
    In France, I worked seven years in the sphere of teaching French to foreigners, as teacher for adults and teacher at the University of Rouen. I also worked with kids entering the primary and the junior school.
    I speak English, some Spanish and Russian.
    Six years ago, I arrived in Moscow and I specialized in the early teaching of French.
    In 2009, I joined the pedagogical team of P'tit cref, first as a teacher in the FLE groups, then in the middle groups (preschool).
    I like to sing and to practice sport.
    I wish your kids a great time in class.