Common cultural development, development of creative abilities and motility is an important component of the P'titCREF project.

The original extracurricular activities Les p’tits plus offer parents various classes, keeping a balance between creative (art and music), sports (karate, dancing, yoga etc.) and informative (soroban, ecology, geography etc.) activities. Either invited professionals (artists, clowns, teachers of martial arts) or P’titCREF teachers lead the groups. Teachers are selected by their profession, dynamism, originality and ability to adapt.

All children can join Les p’tits plus classes irrespective of whether they study at P’titCREF.


Teaching children this game at an early age enables them to develop deductive logic, ability to foresee intentions of their partner and to build strategy. All these skills will be useful to them in life! By means of charts, metaphors and simple and clear games, they will learn about the layout of a chessboard, figures and the basic rules, including movement and capture of figures, castling, the shah, and a checkmate. The teacher will also explain different strategies of winning and positions from which it is possible to make one, two and three chess moves. Gradually children will be ready to play a real game of chess with the help and leadership of the teacher!

The teacher uses simple and clear materials, and the modern American techniques adapted for even the youngest children.

Pedagogical purposes of this themed group:

  • To develop the ability to store and analyse
  • To develop strategic and logical thinking
  • To learn to play with a partner and win or lose with grace

Learn the schedule and the list of groups at the P'titCREF center nearest to you.

Little Art Lovers

Start your child's journey to the world of art with LesP'titsPlus and our new course Little Art Lovers in English (3-7 yo)!

This course is designed for the little ones who are curious about art and would love to learn new things and explore their creativity while having lots of fun! It is never too early to meet some great art and artists. We will bring to life the ancient cave paintings, some classical academic art, bright works of impressionists and mysterious abstract pieces, discover different types of pictorial art, try various techniques, and of course create our own masterpieces, inspired by the artistic world's beauty. The main goal of this course is to familiarize children with the basic art history concepts in light and interactive form while admiring and discussing the well-known works by the most famous artists, and to instill a love of art while promoting self-expression through creative work.